How to register your i-clicker (Updated on Feb 3, 2011)

You must do this again each semester. ( And even twice some semesters!)

1) Register at, not at
2) Log in with your NetID and your password.
3) Click on the link "Click here if you wish to submit a request for <your name>"
4) Type in the clicker ID # and click Submit.

Note: clicker IDs use the numbers zero and one, and do not use the letters "oh" and "el".

5) Write the # and your name on a small piece of paper and put inside the battery compartment
     (the numbers wear off and become hard to read)

i-clicker number already warn off?

1) On Thursday, Jan. 27 at the end of class we can help you determine the number.

2) Or stop by one of these CIT Labs

Phillips Hall 318 (8 AM - noon, M-F)
Upson Hall B7 (8 AM - noon, M-F)
Uris Library Tower Room (8 AM - noon, M-F)
The Academic Technology Center, 124 CCC (Ag Quad, next to Bailey Hall), (9 - 5, M-F)

email to Andy Ruina <>