MAE 4730/5730, Intermediate Dynamics,  Cornell

Homework policy: To get credit, please do these things on each homework.

a) Hand in in at the start of class on the due date. Unless stated otherwise, homework will be due at least 6 days after it is posted.  Late (1 minute or 2 months) homework will be accepted for reduced credit. More late, more reduction. Contact your grader to figure out how to turn in late homework.

b) On the first page of your homework, please put the following to ease sorting:


On the top left corner
Please put a staple, e.g.:

On the top right corner
Neatly print your name, course, date, e.g.:


Very good, even excellent, and .... more than needed (real example).

  Sally Golnaraghi
MAE 4730 or 5730
HW 1, Due date

c) As noted above, please, at home, put a Staple at the top left corner. Folded interlocked torn corners fall apart. Paperclips fall off.

d) Cite your help. At the top of each problem clearly acknowledge all help you got from TAs, faculty, students, or any other source (with exceptions for lecture, text and section, which need not be cited). You could write, for example: "Mary Jones pointed out to me that I needed to draw the second FBD in problem 2." or "Nadia Chow showed me how to do problem 3 from start to finish." or "I copied this solution word for word from Jane Lewenstein " or "I found a problem just like this one, number 386.5.6, at, and copied it." etc. You will not lose credit for getting and citing such help. Don't violate academic integrity rules: be clear about which parts of your presentation you did not do on your own. Violations of this policy are violations of the Cornell Code of Academic Integrity.

l) Hold on to your homework. We may not record grades correctly as we go. At the end of the semester you we may ask you to hand in a folder of your completed HW.

Study advice: Try to do assigned homework problems from beginning to end with no help from book, notes, solutions, people, etc., yourself without looking up even one small thing. Explain, at least outloud to yourself, every step. If you did need help, then afterwards start the problem over by yourself without looking up even one small thing. Then similarly do other problems that are like the assigned problems. Then do old prelims and exams. Finally, for A+ style studying, invent and solve your own problems.