Guide for Ordering Parts:


As your team approaches the time to order supplies for the project, this document will hopefully assist you to search and order the needed parts.

List of helpful websites:



The above list is a good start point for searching on the web. Most suppliers have online ordering capabilities. Registration should be free for all these sites. Using search engines will take you to more than enough sites to browse through.


How to Order:

First, each team is allocated a maximum of $150. It is the team's responsibility to keep track of expenses and to include them in their final report. The easiest and most convenient method of buying online is to pay by your credit card and fill out a reimbursement form at the end of the project. However, you will not receive your taxes back if you order from within New York State. There is an exemption form you can pick up from your TA if you wish to save on taxes. This form will serve more helpful when buying supplies at local stores.

In cases where an online catalogue will only accept purchase orders from companies, request a purchase order form, fill out the pertinent information and return to the TA. Purchase orders may also be used if the representative wish not to use their own funds.

There will be one designated person in each group for which all reimbursements will be filed. The representative should work with the administrative assistant in Upson 219 (Judy Thoroughman).