Interested in being a TA for

"Practical Computing for Engineers: Applied Matlab" ?
Updated June 2, 2017

ENGRG 1112, Professor Andy Ruina (email)
Lectures: Friday 1:25-2:15

LOOKING FOR TAs for Fall 2017

About the course:
        Course home page
        Proposal for course to the Cornell Core Curriculum Governing Board
        Syllabus (tentative, in constant development)

Needed Qualifications for TA:

* Already read the proposal above;
* Are comfortable using matlab (at least at the level of A work in a course using Matlab).

* Are at least a sophomore, up to M-Eng (or PhD if you are really into it)
* Are interested in sharing your enthusiasm for using computers
* Are good at explaining, patient and freindly, and wanting to get better at explaining.
Work load for TA (4 hr minimum/wk)
* Come to lecture, 50 min/wk, or watch lecture video
* Staff meeting, 50 min/wk
* Work with students  n hours/wk in extended office hours
* Grade, and record grades, of student assignments.
* If you want pay and have TA experience:  $10/hr (all time above counts as work time)
* If for credit, 50 hours work per semester per credit.
   -If for 3 credits or more, a final written/www/video  product is needed.
* Email  Emily Ivory <>
In the body of your email give
-Your name, year, major and net ID.
-Relevant courses taken and/or experience.
-Name and email of a reference (e.g., TA or prof of course you took or TA'd for).
-One to three sentences about your interest.